Signal Conduction – 7 April 2017

Your brain has a suspension system – and it might help to reduce the effects of a head injury


It might be possible to test someone’s sexual preference without them knowing – but can it be justified?


Here is what happened to your brain when the clocks went back


Lead balloon:  Scientists thought that being sociable allowed primates and early humans to develop bigger, better brains – but it might just be what they ate.  Read in more depth here.


New research integrates two kinds of autistic traits which were thought to be separate.  Elsewhere, Paul Whiteley reminds us that Autism research needs to be more inclusive


Is criminal responsibility (or lack of it) visible on a brain scan? Neuroskeptic reviews Kevin Davis’ new book, ‘The Brain Defense.’


It turns out that our visual imagination is pretty limited.


On the vagus nerve – bridge between body and mind

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