Signal Conduction – 24 February 2017

Blinded with science: Neurobabble hinders a person’s critical thinking.


Rorschach inkblots have been hitting the headlines this week – but Neuroskeptic is quick to restore their reputation as a quirky, obsolete test.


Bee-havioural study shows that you can do a lot with a small brain


Video:  Oliver Sacks on the Island of the Colourblind


Personality Disorders 101


Brain imaging study recognises different signatures of Depression


BRAIN Initiative finds…massive mouse neuron.  Didn’t see that coming.


The lower numbers of women with Autism might be due to hiding symptoms – Helge Hasslemann


Stephen Cave, Director of the Leverhulme Centre, take us through the dark history of intelligence


Documentary:  Andrew Marr on recovering from his Stroke

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