Signal Conduction – 17 February 2017

Ikea executive stated that women are better than men at assembling furniture – so a group of Norwegian researchers tested the claim.


Rami Gabriel on the perils of Pop Psychology


Could Depression have an evolutionary purpose?


Neuroskeptic:  New split-brain research challenges  the nature of consciousness…but something’s not quite right.


Can you trust a photographic memory?


Screening veterans for mental health problems brings no benefit.


Early brain scans may help to identify Autism in high-risk babies.


Your attitude to Maths might affect your grade…which will affect your attitude.


Could Neurogastronomy revolutionise our taste preferences, or is this another dubious neuro- prefix to avoid?  Decide for yourself.


It turns out, the experiments in ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ are not vey replicable.


Also on MindHacks, here is a graph showing just how small sex differences in cognition are.



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