Signal Conduction – 10 February 2017

Human brains are neither male nor female.  This should surprise no one.


Just what is the link between bullying and mental health problems?


Tom Stafford on how to avoid confirmation bias.


BrainScope: The open-access, interactive brain visualisation app.


Good news!  Your teenage personality has nothing to do with your character in later life.  Or does it?


Do psychiatrists really think everyone is crazy?  By Joseph Pierre, Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA


Elsewhere, Brian Resnick takes on the debate about whether Trump has a diagnosable mental health condition


Video: Why do our memories change?


Old Scientist:  Back in 1966, New Scientist endorsed some pretty dubious stuff…


You’ll be outraged at how easy it was to get you to click on this link


Is empathy really crucial to being a good person?

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