Signal Conduction – 20 January 2017

The only depressing thing about Blue Monday is the persistence of this media-manufactured myth.  So Dean Burnett wrote a song about it. 


Longread:  As Psychology’s best racism radar falls short of expectation, is it time to abandon the Implicit Association Test?


The beauty of Santiago Raman y Cajal’s neuron drawings is timeless.


Does your brain have a neural signature for Gangnam style?  A lesson on interpreting fMRIAlso by Neuroskeptic: What can fMRI really tell us about mental illness?


How do you stop astronauts on long missions from hating each other?  NASA needs to know.


Anita Makri: The media need to give the public the tools to understand and trust scientists


Just how do you study a baby’s brain?


More skeptical readers are the answer to the fake news epidemic.


Can empathy make you less sensitive to suffering?  An interview with Professor Paul Bloom.


Finally; can you inherit creativity from your parents?  It might depend on how you measure it.


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