Signal Conduction – 13 January 2017

Why do humans still have a gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s?  Ed Yong explains


Ever wondered what’s inside the mind of an octopus? Me neither, but Peter Godfrey-Smith beautifully explains why these cephalopods are like meeting an intelligent alien. 


Human interpretations of brain imaging can be flawed.  Perhaps robots can do it better.


We still don’t know why most people are right-handed, but this study sheds some light on hand preferences in early humans


Why indirect deception doesn’t feel as bad as lying, but is just as costly


Suzy Gage’s podcast, Say Why To Drugs, is back


A history of ECT: not just torture


The fallacy of Luck


Kids won’t give you credit for overcoming moral conflict


Well that explains a lot:  Study concludes that conservative politicians are more physically attractive, and hence get more votes.


Are we nearly there yet?  Mo Costandi explains what we know about how our brain knows where we’re going.



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