Signal Conduction – December 2016

Its been a while, so here’s a cerebral smorgasbord of neuro news from the last month…


Santa and Doctors are equally reliable.  Ooer.


Julia Shaw is a scientist who doesn’t believe in facts – and neither should you.


Could psychedelic drugs have a place in the future of Psychiatry?  Meet the people who think so.


Do distractions increase tolerance for a baby’s cry?  Free from Wiley.


Four-year-olds’ attitudes to gender predict own-gender bias a year later


Vaughan Bell considers whether some Psychosis cases could be caused by the immune system.


Also in Psychosis:  How to distinguish between religious fervour and mental illness?


Baby Brain:  Pregnancy may temporarily reorganise the brain to allow Mums to care for their child.


Jesse Singal: Not all critics of Evolutionary Psychology are the same.


Why people’s beliefs strengthen in the face of contrary evidence:  A sneak peek from the January 2017 edition of SciAm


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