Signal Conduction – 28 October 2016

The Conversation is getting stuck into sexism this week.  Here’s Prof Gina Rippon on how ‘neurosexism’ is holding back both equality and science, and Dr Magdalena Zawisza on why women might oppose feminism.


Researchers may have just found a dinosaur’s brain.  Here’s why that is so exiting.


Just why do superstitions remain so pervasive in society?  Ella Rhodes interviews researchers who study these irrational customs.


A behavioural intervention has been found to ease symptoms of Autism – albeit slowly.


Edward Simon on why we see bigfoot.


What does power do to the mind?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good.


Its okay – your procrastinating brain will still outperform a computer.


The University of Cambridge now has some really exciting brain scanners.


Brain Flapping at Halloween: Why our brains let us enjoy being scared.


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