Signal Conduction – 7 October 2016

Gaming experiment explains trolling of Girl-Gamers in terms of social hierarchies


Why counting your steps can make you less motivated to exercise, and enjoy it less


Apes might be able to tell what other apes are thinking – just like us


Great longread about a trial to help school children think critically about bad science

Are brain training apps a waste of time?  Neuroskeptic investigates


There’s no such thing as an individual learning style, but we’re determined to believe there is


Kayleigh Roberts on the Psychology of victim-blaming


How young is too young to be transgender?


Ever wondered how your neurons are put in their right place?  Researchers have just imaged neurons moving through newborns’ brains


The future of brain-machine interfacing is already here


Why do bigger-brained animals yawn more often?




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