Signal Conduction – 23 September 2016

Its that time of the year again: Here are this year’s IgNobel Prize winners.


Ever hear rude words where you shouldn’t?  Its probably just your idiot brain.  Dean Burnett is Brain Flapping.


Can practice ever match natural talent?


Brains, sex and controversy: Neuroskeptic covers the outrage over the Science Museum’s gendered brain quiz


This is what your brain has done to give you that dead arm on waking up.


Why the idea of a worldwide brain-mapping project is exciting and concerning.


Darren Saunders interviews Dr Ben Goldacre on distrust of science, and why science communication is the answer.


Here are ten famous Psychology effects that just don’t seem to replicate.


Its official:  You’re more think than you drunk you are.


Thomas Dixon’s brain can’t store memories – so he made an app for that.






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