Signal Conduction – 16 September 2016

Event: New exhibition at the Wellcome collections explores the extraordinary 700-year-old history of Bethlem Hospital.  Here’s an interview with the curators.


Its been a good week for memory research: Scientists appear to have visualised the building blocks of memories, and  there’s some new research giving a clue about why we can’t remember being a baby.  Also, How does the brain forget?  Julia Shaw explains, ahead of her book release next week.  If that’s not enough, here’s seven memory myths, from buzzfeed.


Podcast: Ethologist, Professor Frans de Waal and Psychologist, Professor Wendy Johnson discuss intelligence with Hannah Devlin of The Guardian.


Imagine being totally unaware of the world to your left.  Michal Graziano on hemispatial neglect.


The latest critique of Chomsky’s idea of the innateness of language causes a storm


Convincing the brain that prosthetics are real could be a major step forward.  Oliver Kennedy for The conversation.


Science of conversation: Why small talk could make us happier.


The man who gave himself away: What happened when George Price created an equation for altruism.

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