Signal Conduction – 9 September 2016

Could ambidexterity training make us smarter?  Mo Costandi weighs the evidence.


David Robson on shyness, its compensations, and how its not the same as introversion.


Tackling habit is key to treating Anorexia Nervosa.


A victory for common sense: the US is cracking down on false claims of brain-training games.


Is interrupting yourself more disruptive than being interrupted by someone else?  Christian Jarret investigates.


Aaron Pincus explains how children can grow up to be narcissists.


Computer Scientists are meeting in conference to discuss whether it will be possible to build robots that are capable of love.


Think you’re observant?  Chris Chambers on change blindness.


Why do some people take more risks than others?


What a 45-year long study has to say about raising bright children.  Alternatively, here’s why we do stupid things.




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