Signal Conduction – 2 September 2016

Stop fussing over which emoticon to use to sweeten an awkward text – emoticons probably don’t have much of an effect on the brain (but they can reveal a bit about your personality)


Mindless Selfie Indulgence: Research suggests that people think you’re less attractive in a selfie.


Video: Lab-grown brain cells and how they could repair damaged tissue


Emily Singer describes the quest to find out what a decision looks like in the brain.


Why wisdom may depend on situation rather than skill.


Researchers scan dogs’ brains to find out about the evolution of language.


There is some very tentative evidence that antibodies may hold the key to slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.


For some reason, underweight babies are less likely to exercise as adults.


The majority of American adults with Depression receive no treatment, despite seeking medical help.


Another one bites the dust: Another classic psychology study (this one about evoking emotions) fails to replicate.


Why an understanding of Phantom Limb Syndrome could help to develop prosthetics.

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