Signal Conduction – 26 August 2016

States of Mind: Does the brain have different modes, lasting for weeks at a time?  Neuroskeptic takes a look.


New research supports the idea of sleep as a reset button for your brain – but with controversial implications for mental health research.


Go forth and replicate!  Why we need to be encouraged to keep repeating experiments.


Why a Neuroscientist is practising his pilates to understand the body’s stress response –  a longread by James Hamblin


We assume that a detailed memory tells of an extreme event.


Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a doppelganger – that’s Capgras Syndrome.


Why a top Physicist believes that we will never understand consciousness.


Olga Khazan on why divorce rates seem to spike in August and March.


Watching someone suffer pain has a lasting effect on how our brains process pain.


How to be more rational – with science.


Can comedy change how we think and act?  Mary O’Hara for Mosaic.


How stereotypes slow athletes down.


Myth or fact?  One region of the brain sets humans apart:  The latest brain fact from Knowing Neurons


What goes on in a Psychopath’s mind?  Danielle Egan interviews Robert Hare, a Psychologist who devoted his career to answering that question.





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