Signal Conduction -19 August 2016

Ever wondered why your brain makes you travel sick?  Dean Burnett explains (or does he?).


On a lighter note, Professor Sophie Scott talks us through four scientific findings about laughter.


Can a brain scan tell how empathic you are?


Your brain after an all-nighter: some functions may be more affected than others.


Is porn damaging young men’s sexual health?  Stuart Ritchie on why it might be more complicated than that.


Unsurprisingly(?), it looks like sugar might not be the fuel of willpower.  Also, there’s more on ego depletion theory here by the same blogger, Neuroskeptic.


Psychology research is being hindered by researchers’ expectations (and its not just in social psychology)


The drugs don’t work: why smart drugs might make you less clever


Is there a link between maternal diet and ADHD?  Maybe, maybe not.  Some nice balanced reporting from Haroon Siddique.


A quick read on shared memories between friends.


Does the Zika virus damage adult brains too, or should public health efforts continue to concentrate on pregnant women?




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